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Friends of Nature was formed since Nov 5, 1993 by a group of friends who worked for a non-government organization as volunteers. We realized that good tourism can help nature, then we decided to set up "Friends of Nature" as a tour operator that would bring people close to nature to enjoy and understand it with love and care. We operate environmentally responsible travel into natural area in order to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature both in Thailand and oversea.

Our team consists of a group of people who love and concern about nature and culture. Our guides are properly trained, full of knowledge, experiences and including service mind, We also have specialists in birds, animals, plants, archeology etc.

Our activities cover all aspects of nature from tiny wild flowers to the universe. We organize trekking, birdwatching, rafting, snorkelling, canoeing, star gazing and children nature camp. We also organize cultural and archeological trip. In our trip, the participants will enjoy the beautiful nature, relax in the green world, exercise and get fresh air, learn and exchange knowledge with the local people and each other. The trips are designed to be ecologically sustainable educational and enjoyable with our professional guides.
They are ranges from easy walk to tough trekking and divided into 4 levels.

Level 1 : Travelling by bus, short trekking along the trails and staying in a hotel or resort.
Level 2 : Travelling by a local means of transportation, more trekking and staying in a places for visitors in nature reserved areas with little facilities.
Level 3 : Camping out in the wood, with some porters to carry one's camping gears.
Level 4 : Camping out in the wood and carring one's own camping gears. 


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