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To explore wild Thailand is a challenge and an enjoyable task. Trekking in Thai forest bring you different environments in each season. Unlike Africa, watching wildlife in Thailand is not easy. Forests are dense with foliages and wild animals are always scared of human beings, therefore you need to be patient, quiet but alert and careful in order to get a chance to see even one or two animals in the wild such as gaur, fox, elephant etc. but it is an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Because of the new trend of tourism, people become more familiar with the terms such as "Green Tourism", "Sustainable Tourism" and "Ecotourism". There are demands to go, see, feel and experience the nature of this country.



Wildlife Watching

If you would like to explore rainforest, this is the interesting place to go. You will have more chances than other places to see wildlife. There are more than 300 species of birds, 71 species of mammals and many other animals and plants. More than 10 trails for you to explore with different difficulties

Flora Tripicon

This trip will lead you explore Nan, the forgotten city in the North but charming. Nan has a lot of spectacular nature which we will visit two national parks in this program that is Doi Phukha and Srinan National Park as samples.

Rafting & Canoeingicon

It’s more exciting, with the rapids on Kaeng Hin Peung which is in the area of Khao Yai National Parks. Prajeenburi and enjoy beautiful nature along the river

Snorkeling & Diving

Similan Archipelago consist of nine island in a string like a pearl necklace from North to South. Similan means nine in Yavee language, local dialect of the sea gypsy people who roam around the Andaman Sea just like nomad

Culture Herritageicon

Sukhothai, Si Satchanalai are listed as world Heritage site in 1980 for their historical significance and remarkable art and architecture. Si Satchanalai was its associate cities which was famous for ceramic productions and architecture. Natural environment surrounding the ruins of these cities are also worth visiting for its relaxing and serene atmosphere.

Community Base


It is the largest and one of the most interesting national parks of Thailand. It covers 2,920 square kilometres in west of Thailand and also border to southwest of Myanmar. It is a home of abundant wildlife at least 40 mammal species, more than 250 species of birds, lots of butterflies, insects and plants. You can explore nature through the trail which will give you an unforgotten experience.

Bird watchingicon

Chiangmai is a good place to go bird watching especially between November to March which is the migrating season for birds. Doi Inthanon is deemed the best place for bird watching in the northern region because of the high altitude and the cold weather. Doi Suthep-pui is amazingly close to the city but one still finds a well-preserved forest with lots of birds.


Special Interesticon

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